Thursday, October 01, 2009

It's all about the coffee ...

Coffee is simply part of who I am. From the time I was a little girl, I can remember my mom waking me up for school and sharing her cup of coffee with me. Pretty soon, rather than share her cup, she would bring me my own cup of coffee. I remember being in grade 3 and opening up my thermos at lunchtime and in it was coffee. For most of my life, the coffee I enjoyed was instant coffee - Taster's Choice. However, in recent years, I have come to enjoy a much richer, fuller taste of coffee. It's no secret that my husband and I enjoy Starbucks, but we mostly brew it at home.

Last week, my husband was given a sum of money to buy us an espresso machine. Things have been very tight financially around our house and of all the things we really need, an espresso machine was not on the list! However, this money was specifically given for that purpose. We found the machine we wanted, found it on sale and then got an even better deal on it! We brought home our new "baby" ... "Collaboration with BMW Group DesignworksUSA and Saeco Italy Creates the New Starbucks® Sirena." We have spent the last few days, brewing over and over again until we've got it just about right ... the perfect espresso ... appreciating the layers ... the crema, the heart and the body.

I attended a Ladies Conference with my friend, Rhonda, last weekend and one of the points made at the conference involved coffee! We were encouraged to make our relationships worthy of a second cup of coffee. You see, we can all meet someone and enjoy one cup of coffee with them. We can bluff our way through one conversation ... our marriage is spectacular, our children are wonderful, we have all the self-confidence needed to conquer the world! An "instant coffee" relationship.

However, in actuality, people are looking for authenticity in relationships. We need to be honest with each other, admitting our faults, admitting our fears, sharing our discoveries, learning from each other, bearing one another's burdens. Once our conversations and relationships move to that second cup of coffee, it is much more difficult to hide. Honesty begins to show. Authenticity develops. Yes, this does take an investment of time and energy, however the dividends are immeasurable!

I'm lifting a glass of warm, rich espresso ... here's to you and your relationships ... may you take the time to invest in someone else ... enjoy that second cup of coffee with them ... allow yourself to be authentic.
May you enjoy the crema, heart and body of not only coffee, but of relationships as well!


Maureen said...

What a wonderful post Vickie
I just came back from Starbucks with a friend and we had such a good conversation and it was over two cups but it was this post that really hit the spot
Girls night soon I am well enough to bowl Yeah!

Rhonda said...

Vicki - That is a really great post! I love 'second cup' relationships too and I certainly loved spending the day with you on Saturday.

Congratulations on your gift - I know you're going to really enjoy it.

Juls said...

Vicki! You are so right we can often work our way through "cup of coffee" but when your friendship moves to that "second cup of coffee" you friendship morphs to something magical. Thank you for shuch a wonderful read.

SHARI said...

Love your post.... love the machine.... love Coffee!!
Yum - have a sip for me.