Saturday, July 26, 2008

American Idols Live Tour 2008

One thing that our family enjoys doing together is watching American Idol. This year we actually watched every single episode! During the Finale on TV, my husband casually mentioned to our girls that the live tour was coming to Toronto in July. They looked at him with raised eyebrows, "Really?"
"Yes, and we've got tickets to go see it!!"
This resulted in lots of screaming!!

I asked MacKenzie this morning who her favourite was. Right away she answered, "David Cooke. .... and Carly Smithson. .... oh, and Jason Castro." This year the talent was exceptional ... so many different styles and I especially loved seeing the contestants get better and better every week. My favourite was Jason Castro. I loved his performances of "Hallelujah" and "Somewhere Over the Rainbow". Just for the record though, in my opinion he was not ready to be the winner. David Cooke was the right one as far as I'm concerned!

Today is the day! We've packed snacks for the ride, got the tickets and binoculars ready to go and we are pumped!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

School's Out!

I know for almost everyone else in Canada, school's been out for several weeks. When you are homeschooling, you can educate on your own schedule. In the past, this has always worked to our advantage and we've usually finished school in May. This year was different. With my husband's schedule being so heavy last fall, we got way behind in our schoolwork and just couldn't seem to get caught up. Now, we're finally done! I've even completed report cards.

Now the kids and I are officially on 'summer holidays'. I've got a few plans, but nothing extravagant. I plan to spend some time at the library and then enjoy reading the books and watching the DVDs I borrow, painting a few more things around my home, starting a Facebook page, trying a few new recipes, blogging about some things that have been on my mind and then getting ready for the next school year. We are also planning on attending a couple concerts ... my hubby and the band he plays with, Scandalous Grace, are doing a fundraising concert tomorrow (Friday) at DSCF, our friend Kevin Pauls is in concert in Whitby next week, and then next Saturday we have tickets to see American Idols Live at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto!

Here's hoping for a few lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Questions ...

A couple questions have been going through my mind lately. Maybe you can help!

1. Where have all the red-skinned potatoes gone to?

2. I know that eating fruits and veggies in season gives you the most punch of vitamins etc., but does anyone have an easy way to remember what is in season and when in Ontario?

Just wondering ....

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Weekend Projects ...

Television programming has been bombarded with decorating shows and when I have the flicker in my hand, that's usually what we watch. However, actually doing something to my own home is much more challenging!

Our family room furniture has been deteriorating rapidly over the last several years. We own two beautiful, long-haired, cuddly cats with nails who have torn the front panels of our furniture to shreds. The actual structure of the furniture is fine, but the upholstery needed help.

I've been wanting to highlight the black in our family room for quite some time ... our wood stove is black, our lamps are black, a few candle holders are black. So, I found an old pair of black pants and a can of black paint. Andrew tackled the front panels of the furniture, removing the green and adding the black, while I painted all the green legs of our end tables a nice, shiny black. The projects took a few hours, but were completely FREE! We were amazed at the results. Thought you'd like to see ...