Saturday, August 30, 2008

Few days away ...

The cottage has been owned by my hubby's grandparents for decades. This sign at the end of the driveway has always signified to me ...
"The stress of life ends here ... prepare to relax!"

Beautiful setting. Sisters relaxing by the lake!

Just the 4 of us
3 days
8 movies
lots of board games
no schedule at all
long walks ... in the rain AND the heat
simple meals
fishing off the dock
ice cream from the corner store
reading great books for however long we wanted
water lapping at the dock
woodstove crackling in the morning
breeze blowing in all the open windows

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

American Idol Update

So, a month after we went to the American Idols Live concert I am finally blogging about it! The day was fantastic from start to finish. We left early and headed to Toronto for an early supper at my hubby's favourite restaurant, Ivory Thailand. MacKenzie had been there before with her dad, but for Savannah and I it was our first experience. The food was even better than I could have imagined! Who knew we'd all be lovers of Thai food??

Our anticipation grew as we headed over to the Air Canada Centre. While waiting in line, we were asked if we wanted to have our pic taken to be used on the big screen. We said sure! Here's the pic ....

In our opinion, almost all the idols have made huge strides as far as stage presence is concerned. Kristy Lee Cook and Syesha Mercado win the awards for 'Most Improved'. David Aruchuleta wins 'Crowd Favourite'. Michael Johns wins 'Was Voted Off Waaayyy Too Early'. In our eyes David Cook and Carly Smithson were definitly rock stars in every sense of the word. My favourite, Jason Castro, did a beautiful rendition of 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' that almost made me cry!

All in all, we had a fun family day full of great memories!

PS. Check out MacKenzie and Savannah's Facebook pages for pics of the concert.