Saturday, June 30, 2007


These are some pics of my family together in Winnipeg ....

Our travels recently have taken us to Northern Ontario and to Winnipeg. The reason for the trip was a bit of business, a bit of ministry and a bit of spending time with family.

My mom and dad drove up from Iowa and brought my sister and her little girl. Them coming to Winnipeg was especially poignant because Andrew and I were on tour in Winnipeg on the night my mom called to say my sister had been rushed into the hospital for an emergency C-section ... at only 24 weeks pregnant. Alandria Grace was born weighing only 2lb 4oz. I was able to visit her once she came home from the hospital nearly 3 months later. I have seen her a few times since then and my sister has been faithful to e-mail pics nearly every week and even a few videos, but Alandria has always been too young to really remember me or know who I was. Not anymore!!

Alandria is now a beautiful blond, blue-eyed, feisty 3 year old. Despite being born so early, she has no physical or mental limitations at all! She talks just about as fast as her mother and has a stubborn personality, ALMOST as strong as her mother's!! We enjoyed a few short days together going to church, playing in the park, playing in McDonald's Playland, reading books, playing with Polly Pockets, visiting the Manitoba Children's Museum and the Assiniboine Park Zoo. What wonderful memories that I am sure she will remember as well!

Monday, June 25, 2007

My Mother's Day Gift

So, my 13 year old daughter saved her money and bought me the most wonderful gift for Mother's Day ... a trip to my friend Tammy's Spa for a facial! Now, Tammy and I could talk for hours about absolutely nothing, but when she started the facial, I was so relaxed that my brain seemed to turn off! There was no need for words! I came out feeling wonderful and my skin even looked much better! Wow ... I highly recommend that you indulge yourself or at least you'll know what to ask for when Mother's Day rolls around again!