Saturday, August 15, 2009

To Do List ...

For July and August ...
Things that are done:

-Finish schoolwork with my kids - didn't finish until the end of July, but they both are Honour Students!
-Make appointment for MacKenzie to get her wisdom teeth out
-Do some sewing ... mostly mending
-Go to Canada's Wonderland with our kids and their friends
-Clean the carpets in the school/playroom and the dining room
-Paint the school/play room
-Load in the school/playroom with only things the girls will need for highschool (gasp!)
-Sign Savannah up for a 3 week course in "Advanced Theatre and Acting for Teens"
-List old homeschooling materials on eBay
-Spend 4 days in Niagara Falls with our family, Andrew's sister's family and Andrew's mom and dad camping at the KOA (swimming, campfires, a few local activities and lots of good food)
-Organize my kitchen cupboards and drawers and give away anything I don't need
-Lose the last couple of pounds to make it 20 lbs lost and keep a regular work-out routine
-Freecycle old homeschooling stuff not worth selling on eBay
-Organize schoolwork for 2009/2010
-Read some good books
-Watch some favourite movies
-Give my blog a new look, update it and get back to writing on it ... even my DAD mentioned that I hadn't posted anything since April!

Things not yet done:

-Paint the downstairs bathroom
-Go to the Toronto Zoo
-Spend some time at Andrew's gramma's cottage
-Frame some photos
-Clean the family room carpet
-Go to the beach
So, what have YOU been up to??


Maureen said...

Well lets see now....
Hmmmmmmm what have I been up to?
NOT AS MUCH AS YOU that's for sure.
Where do you get your energy?
July I was in a wedding
August waiting for Mike to come home for a visit.
In between these events just working.
However hoping to get to the zoo when Mike comes home.

Sombra said...

Trent and Myles are still at work, but when they come home, Myles will start to do academics, while Trent will go apprentice with our farrier for a month.. and I'm still getting the kitchen renovated, but I want to make a quilt for Elias.. and of course teaching Janney and Asher is on my long term list of things to do..