Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Technology is Precious ....

Very early in 2009, during a phone conversation with my sister, I noticed some apprehension in her voice. When I questioned her, she just said she was scared. I questioned her further until I answered my own question, "You think you're pregant?" ... "No." ... "You KNOW you're pregnant!" ... "Yes."

Because of her medical history, getting pregnant for her was very risky. She had been warned that there could be problems with the baby or with her own body. She had been told that miscarriage was a very real possibility.

I was the first person she told that she was pregnant and together we began to believe for a healthy pregnancy resulting in a healthy baby. We held our breath as the first 3 months passed with no sign of miscarriage. Then we waited patiently for the ultrasound to show that the baby was perfect in every way!

Although she was scheduled for a C-section in 3 days, Charlene went into labour early yesterday morning. My mom called me and let me know that Charlene had been admitted into the hospital. I e-mailed my brother-in-law knowing he would get his e-mails on his blackberry. He replied with 2 words ... "in surgery". Just a few moments later, my mom called on her way to the hospital. She had her cell phone up to one ear talking to my brother-in-law and my dad's cell phone up to her other ear talking to me! The message was passed to me ... 7lb 7oz ... 21 inches long ... lots of black hair ... and then ... my mom put the two phones together so I could hear THIS ...
the beautiful cry of a newborn baby from 1400km away. What can I say except in situations like this, "Technology is Precious!"

Alexander L. Kloster (aka Xander)

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Maureen said...

I'm crying
Praise God
Alexander is beautiful.