Monday, January 14, 2008

Kids say the Funniest things!

I have written about my niece, Alandria, in previous posts. This is a recent pic of her (3 1/2 years) with her dog, Pheobe.
Her mom, my sister reads to her each night as she is falling asleep. A couple months ago, after my sister had read to her The Ten Commandments, Alandria sat right up, looked at her mom and asked her, "Mommy, what is A DOLL TREE?"
This was the e-mail from my sister this morning ...
I was just putting Alandria to bed and we were reading the last 'Psalm' in her kids' Bible. I told her, "Alandria, this is the last poem we are going to read. Tomorrow night we will be reading stories again." She said, "The poem that Dabid wrote?" (I have been telling her that David wrote these poems we were reading every night). I told her yes. Then, realizing she probably hadn't made the connection, I said "Alandria, remember David that looks after the sheep? Remember 'Only a boy named David?' Remember David that killed the giant Goliath? Well, that is the same David that wrote these poems!" She looked at the book, then at me. She said "You mean the Dabid in my mobie? Dabid that is in my book? The Dabid that is in my mobie?! Maybe he wrote them when he was in the book. Maybe he pop out of the mobie and wrote them. Yep. He popped out of the mobie to write the poems. "
I hope that makes you smile! Maybe even laugh! A reliable source (Kyler, the son of our friends Mark and Patti) told me last night that laughing helps you lose weight!! Ha ha, ha ha, ha ha ....


Holly said...

Children ARE the greatest!
One of my favorite things that my nephew said when he was 4 is:
Mark: Mom, where is the chicken tape?
Mom: Chicken tape?
Mark: Oh, mean duck tape!


Rhonda said...

Yay!! Vicki is back!!

Very cute story about your niece.

Shari said...

very cute.. what a blessing