Saturday, March 17, 2007

Savannah has a Beautiful Brain!

Savannah was invited to go with her good friend, Brittany, to participate in a study being done at our local university. Their involvement included showing up, laying in an MRI machine for about 75 minutes, watching cartoons, following some lights with their eyes and GETTING PAID FOR IT! They each came home with $50 and a CD ROM with nearly 200 images of their brain! What is so amazing is that we had just finished a whole Science unit about the brain! I love the way God orchestrates the paths of our life!

At the end, when Savannah was handed the money, she was happy to inform them that she would be available any time they needed her!


Josiah said...

That is just soooooooooooo cool!

Tamar said...

Hi Vicki,

So great to bump into You today at the Mall!

That Ben and Jerry's the girls had looked sooo good!

How cool to be a brain scan recipient for Money! I bet it is a day she won't soon forget!

I just restarted a New Blog as My One Finger Typist Blog I forgot the password and Now am on a new one.

Bless You Beautiful!

Rhonda said...

I'm so glad that she had a good time. I just love that the girls were blessed so well!!!

Love, Rhonda

Shari said...

Way to go Savannah...I wouldn't tell Kevin about the brain photos as he will tease you a lot!!