Saturday, March 24, 2007

An Alien on our Roof

If you are driving anywhere near our home, you might think there is an alien on our roof! It's a funny looking silver thing that appears to be hugging our old TV antenna. If this is an "alien", then I've suddenly taken quite a liking to these intruders! This one in particular
allows me to access my e-mail in an instant, download a video of my niece in Iowa in about 10 seconds, and help my kids do research for their schoolwork. It also allows my hubby to connect with his ministry team, download new songs, and send posters for upcoming concerts in an instant. Oh, this alien is the most beautiful of all creatures! It's actually a receiver for our wireless internet! This little creature delivers 799 kilobytes per second onto our computer. Oh, if I could, I'd hug that little creature!

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