Thursday, January 29, 2009

It isn't fair ...

I have recently discovered a product that I really like, but it isn't fair that I have to use it!! Picture me stamping my feet and yelling, "IT ISN"T FAIR"!!

We should NOT have to fight wrinkles AND zits at the SAME TIME!!!!

It simply isn't fair ....


Maureen said...

I was wearing a shot sleeved shirt,a lady asked for firming cream for her body then reached out and tapped the inside of my arm and said "one that works I don't want arms like yours".
It just isn't fair
A lady asked for an anti wrinkle cream and says what do you use?
I told her and she said "no I want one that takes away the deep lines".
It just isn't fair.
Why I seem to get all these people?
I don't know but
It just isn't Fair
Thank God for a sense of humour cause those aren't wrinkles on my face but laugh lines.
As for my arms I should have just swung my arm back and smacked her with my wings.

Rhonda said...

I must say - Vicki, after reading Maureen's comment you really must feel better. :)

Vicki said...

Maureen always makes me laugh! This 'getting older' thing isn't fun, but if we stick together we'll get through!