Thursday, January 15, 2009

A video to share ....

It is a wonderful feeling to see our kids involved in something great! When my hubby was asked to be part of "A Season of Joy" (The Singing Christmas Tree) last year, our girls were invited to be part of the youth choreography team. What a joy to see them work hard, make great friends and perform so beautifully.

Each evening my husband shared a very brief testimony during the performance of one song. This clip shows that as well as the girls dancing. In this clip MacKenzie is the dancer seated directly beside Andrew and Savannah enters from the left side part way through. Enjoy!

ps. Lots more clips of Andrew can be seen on his Facebook Fanpage.


Rhonda said...

That was Beautiful Vicki. Thank you for sharing the video. Very well done and I can imagine that it had a big impact.

Shari said...

As I listen to Andrew sharing I got very teary.... we love you guys so much and are anticipating for God to do such great things in and through your lives.
I'd love to connect and hear more about your time away.