Monday, October 13, 2008

We went to a Wedding ...

Early in the summer I received a beautiful invitation in the mail. Two young friends of ours were about to commit their lives to each other in a wedding ceremony. More than just being invited to the wedding, my husband was also asked to sing at the ceremony and the band he plays with, Scandalous Grace, was asked to play for the dance.

I looked forward the date all summer long. I had a dress picked out (although I switched outfits at the last moment because of the heat!), I had my hair done and paid extra special attention to getting ready. I was looking forward to spending the day with my husband, reminiscing about the day when it was us confessing our love to each other in front of our family and friends.

Us ... just before the wedding started ...

We arrived early to set up sound. My husband sat in the front row ready to sing during the ceremony and I sat in tiny, hot sound booth at the back. I watched other couples cuddle close together watching the bride and groom while my hubby motioned to me to turn down channel one and turn up channel two.

As people exited the church, my hubby and I quickly packed the sound gear and headed to where the reception and dance would be. We set up there and I began to relax while he discussed the evening with the band. We enjoyed an incredible meal and while speeches were being made the band was getting ready. I spent the next few hours watching Scandalous Grace sing and play with all their might. They were incredible!! An absolutely stellar performance which delighted the crowd completely. I watched husbands and wives embracing on the dance floor, fire in their eyes. I watched as the music sung brought back heart-warming memories for them. I was sitting by the sound booth wondering why there was so much fun around me and yet I wasn't enjoying any of it.

Then it hit me ... Silly me. I thought I was going on a date with my husband; he was simply going to work! Silly, silly me.

Being married to a singer means that my life is a lot different than many others, but this was one aspect I hadn't considered before. To be fair, my hubby took me out on a date the next week and this time it wasn't about work!


Rhonda said...

I have often set myself up for disappointment. So not fun.

I'm so glad that the two of you were able to have your date. It was probably better. A chance to just focus on each other without distractions or obligations.

Amy said...

Being married to a cop means a different life as well...chances are Mike wouldn't even have been off for the work work eh? Lol.

A least you looked good!! That's a plus!