Saturday, September 06, 2008

Homeschooling Goals

Our school year got off to a great start this week. It's hard to believe we've been formally homeschooling for 11 years! What a journey!

While going through an old box of homeschooling things this summer, I came across a list I made several years ago when our homeschooling journey began. I'm pleased that our goals have not altered at all! I wrote them when our kids were merely elementary students and now, with one doing Grade 10 work and one doing a mix of Grade 8 and Grade 9 work, the goals seem just as poignant.

Written around 1999:

Our Destination Goal for Homeschooling

1. That our children would love to learn.
2. That our children would have a marketable set of skills ... research, communication and technical.
3. That our children would understand Christianity and enjoy a vital relationship with the Lord.
4. That our children would discover their talents and gifts and be able to develop them and use them.
5. That our children would develop integrity of character that would be noticeable not only to us, but our family, friends and church.


Rhonda said...

Those are great goals! It really is important to re-look at past set goals to confirm that we are on the same path and if it's still the right path.

Your daughters are a testament of your values and love. Bless you Vicki!

Sombra said...

any chance you'll be travelling by on oct 17? Trent turns 16.