Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day

Father's Day was this past weekend. I am blessed to have my dad (and mom) here for a visit from Iowa and so we spent the day together. I am blessed to have a father that was always pro-active about providing for his family and teaching us right from wrong. My dad appears to be very staunch and business-like, but I know what a tender heart he has. He is man enough to let the tears roll without being ashamed. For the first 9 years of my life, my dad was a banker, but since then he has pastored.

My Dad and I ... Father's Day 2008

In honour of Father's Day I'll share a story that happened recently to my hubby. He was standing talking to his friend Jeff about very important "musician things". Jeff was holding his 2 year old beautiful daughter, Celeste. The two men were deeply engaged in discussing the benefits of the latest model of ear monitors, prices, upgrades etc. etc. As they talked, Celeste kept trying to interrupt. "Daddy, daddy ... I want to tell you something."

And then again ... "I need to tell you something, Daddy".

Jeff gently kept reminding her, "Just a minute, Celeste." The two men continued talking.

Finally, Celeste couldn't wait any longer. She put one of her tiny hands on each of Jeff's cheeks, turned his face towards her and said, "Daddy, I just need to tell you that I LOVE YOU!" Both men completely melted in tears.

I'm thankful for a heavenly Father who is my provider, my peace giver and my protector. Abba ... Daddy ... I just need to tell you that I LOVE YOU!


Tammy said...

Awesome story. How true, it takes little children to remind us of who we are and how simple things really need to be. Celeste is a wonderful child.
blessings to you!!!!

Shari said...

That is so cute!!!

I never realized that your Dad had been a banker. Enjoy all the time you can making memories with your Dad. I still remember the last time I was with my Dad the summer of 1994!

Mona said...

Oh what a beautiful story.
Both of them.
Two little girls sharing with others their love for their fathers.
Yes Vicki you are the other little girl.
Thanks for sharing

Sombra said...

You look JUST LIKE your daddy!

Like the streaks... so different from 11 years ago in the locker room at the swimming pool!

We didn't do Father's day.. We had My birthday Saturday and Stuart's on Tuesday.. Stuart and Rourke made me a half baked chocolate cake that sunk in the and I made Stuart a chocolate cake, filled in the center with custard, and chocolate icing topped with home made toffee crumbles. Amazing what a difference an experienced cook can

Rhonda said...

I'm so glad you were able to spend Father's Day with your dad - important memories. He must be a pretty good dad - I know, because he has such a wonderful legacy in you.

Love the story about Celeste. Just love little ones.

Charlene said...

Hey, you DO look like Dad. I always thought that I was the one that did.

Glad you guys could be together. I know they had a great time on their visit.