Saturday, April 12, 2008

"Child of God Gives Back"

I have spent two evenings this week with my family watching American Idol's "Idol Gives Back". We are all big fans of the show and were thrilled to watch the many entertainers, singers, celebrities, athletes and politicians join together with one voice and compel the public to donate to the needy, hungry and sick both in Africa and the United States. In total over 60 million dollars has been raised and they are still taking donations! What an incredible amount of people will be able to be helped.

I was thinking of us, as Children of God. What if we all set our own mandate to be part of "Child of God Gives Back". There wouldn't be any famous names begging people to make large donations or even donations of pocket change. No, this would be that "still, small voice" prodding us to engage in random acts of kindness -being Jesus to everyone we encounter. In "Child of God Gives Back" each one would show the same amount of mercy to others as God has shown to them. In "Child of God Gives Back" each would love their neighbour as themselves. In "Child of God Gives Back" each would treat others as they'd like to be treated. In "Child of God Gives Back" each would share what they have (hint ... it really isn't ours anyway. It actually all belongs to God.) In "Child of God Gives Back" hate e-mails disguised as prayer requests would be obsolete. In "Child of God Gives Back" each would offer and receive forgiveness. In "Child of God Gives Back" each would display the fruits of the spirit in every situation. In "Child of God Gives Back" they would know us by our love for one another.

Even in the words of some of those who were guests on American Idol, we can be encouraged be part of "Child of God Gives Back" See how fitting these words are ....???

"Help people out. It'll feel good." Adam Sandler
"Keep giving. Keep caring." Gloria Estevan
"Sometimes to help someone, we have to travel outside our comfort zones." Brad Pitt
"Get involved." Dr. Phil
"We can't just leave this up to our parents. We've got to get involved too!" Miley Cyrus
"It would mean so much to so many." Reese Witherspoon
"Give whatever you can." Tyra Banks
"Let's do it together." Forest Whitaker

What a mandate! I am so thankful for second chances! Lord, help us to slow down, hear your still, small voice and begin affecting the world around us.


Mona said...

Ok Chickie
I am so crying here.
I know I am a child of God
but there are days that my actions do not portray this.
Some days more than others.
Just being honest.
So what does that say? and how will others know they too are children of God?
Your post is an inspiration and I am glad you felt drawn to write it.
It's time to give back wether it be an encouraging word a smile to a stranger even in those moments we just don't feel like it.
When those moments hit I will remember this post.I will remember on those days it's really not about me at all.
It's about God and all of Gods children living in harmony.
Why are we waiting for Heaven for this when it's possible even if only in our own neighbourhood,city,country.
Oh what the heck WORLD.
Think Big or Go Home Mona!
Like Nana Cheryls Blog on Pay it Forward
Bless you Vicki for writing this.
Love you lots

Tammy said...

Let this be the revolution, Giving back........good point.

Roxanne said...

Good challenge Vicki.

Mel's World said...


What a wonderful week for American Idol...truly, it was amazing!

My personal favorites were Carrie Underwood singing about Jesus and then who could miss the "Shout to the Lord" finale.

You are so right on though...what if we all did that EVERY DAY...what if we took our title of "Child of God" more seriously and gave to others.

What a wonderful world it would be...

Thanks for coming to visit me in Mel's is SO nice to meet you!