Monday, March 31, 2008

Alpha Marriage Course
Desert Stream Christian Fellowship
March 30 - May 11, 2008

Your Chef ... Ted Shepherd
Your Sous-Chef ... Andrew Martin
Your Assistants ... Sharon Shepherd and Vicki Martin

Ted and Sharon are our wonderful friends and it is a joy to help them maintain the standard of excellence they have established cooking for this course. Last night was the first of eight nights. Don't let the spiffy outfits fool you ... we were having a blast!!


Mona said...

What a great picture and a Yummy menu.
Have fun.

Rhonda said...

Ted and Sharon are amazing at this. What a gifting they have and how wonderful of them to share their gifts with you.

Bless you all as you share your hospitality at the marriage course.

Roxanne said...

Wow! I'm impressed!!

Andrew Martin said...

It was a blast this past Sunday night and the food was amazing. Just wait till they see the menu for next week. Maybe I could open a resturant and sing to the folks as I made the food. Oh well I can always dream.

I really think that the one Assistant Vicki is really cute. I may ask her out on a date. She really made the kitchen HOT this past week. So hot we had to turn on the fans. That girl is off the hook!

Vicki said...

Geesh ... what can I say? I'm blushing!

Shari said...

Most of you only get to read what was on the menu... I got to savour it!! It was wonderful. I love chicken, rice and fresh veggies... one of my favorite meals. Andrew did an awesome job on the veggies. Everything was fantastic - I can hardly wait till next week.