Wednesday, February 27, 2008


In my daughter's grade 9 Literature course there was a statement that stuck out to me last week. In the study of Unity, the author was saying how it isn't hard to decide WHAT to write, but it is hard to decide what NOT to write. My thoughts exactly! I wonder if other people start a blog, save it and then decide to delete it as many times as I do?! Honesty lends itself to vulnerability, so I often decide not to publish some of my thoughts. I wonder if others will misunderstand what I'm saying. I wonder if some of the things God is teaching me are just for me and not for me to share. I wonder if I admit my weaknesses if others will remind me about them later. I wonder if maybe I should just stick to the facts rather than share feelings.

Maybe I'll just delete this instead of publishing it ... or maybe not!


Shari said...

Very thought provoking.

When emotions are running high, anything I write generally I'll wait... sometimes I've sent the emails... most times not... sometimes I've posted the blog... many times not.

With Blogging I do ask myself the question "How would this effect me, my relationships and others if published in a magazine?"

I've often thought of how our staff feels. Speaking in front of the congregation weekly is one thing BUT every service is recorded... that's a lot of responsibility... no wonder I'm not too anxious to speak. LOL

Roxanne said...

This was too good to delete. I have also started some entries that have never been published. Sometimes it's helpful just to put our thoughts on 'paper' whether they remain for our eyes only or not.

Holly said...

Hmmm....very interesting post. I try not to be "too open" when I post on my blog because I have extended family that read my blog and I am not always wanting to be an "open book"! lol

It is hard to be vulnerable and it is risky too. None of us wants to be rejected or hurt. The trick is, to do what God calls us to do. Easy to write, hard to actually do! ;o) Sometimes he DOES call us to be vulnerable and put ourselves "out there". I think I am learning to trust Him more and more...and hope I am becoming better at obedience!
It's s journey...

Tammy said...

Once out there in space you can't take it back. I am always cautious to put down my inner most thoughts. I filter them, I guess that's being honest and putting myself out there. I to would not want to be judged or reminded of my insecurities on a later date. But I guess in order to become committed and accountable to others there is a sense of being open and honest.

Amy said...

Somedays it can be like a journal...there are days that I'd never want anyone to know what I was thinking...and days I just don't care!
I do wish we could publish more though, and not feel bad about it...there are times I wish people weren't reading it so I could publish things.

Mona said...

I am so glad you posted your thoughts Vicki.
My comment on Amy's Blog about my marriage was a huge step for me,but worth it.I think to be honest but with care is the best.
Does everyone need to know about my life No but to see snippets of it may help others see who we really are,Just Human. I agre some things from God are meant just for us and others to share.I also think if we are judged by are honesty then it is really not our problem but those who may judge us.
I enjoy our group of ladies here because of their honest thoughts. It inspires me to be a better person and the learning from others wisdom is a blessing.

Vicki said...

Everyone's comments were so thoughtful ... thank you! It is risky business to expose your heart, but if others can learn from our mistakes and/or experiences, it is worth it.

I love you all ...