Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Day of Blessings ...

I began the day waking early and spending time snuggling in my warm bed praying for several friends who are going through difficult times. The morning proceeded as normal with breakfast, lots of schoolwork, house tidying etc. and a quick trip to town to pick up a few groceries.

Near the end of schooltime this afternoon I got a rare call from an old friend who now lives in Saskatchewan. We spent about an hour and a half chatting about her pregnancy, her kids, my kids, and mostly about all the incredible things God has been teaching each of us. We cried together, challenged each other and comforted one another. While I chatted, my hubby made a great pot of coffee and brought me a cup of it in my favourite red Starbucks mug. He also made sure the fire was stoked up and the family room was nice and warm and then left me to chat. What an absolute blessing to have such incredible friends!

For supper I made a recipe I haven't made for about 4 years. I even remembered what page (224) the recipe was on in my Betty Crocker cookbook! The Beef Stroganoff turned out soooo good! One of the best things was that I got the steak for the recipe for a great deal at the grocery store this morning ... I love getting a good deal!

After supper we headed to Belleville to attend a Belleville Bulls hockey game. We ran into an old friend last week and he is working in the Bulls' office and offered us free tickets to tonight's game. We had great seats and I was so impressed with the level of skill, the speed and even just the excitement in the building. Best of all, the Bulls won 4 -1!

On the way home, we were able to enjoy a lunar eclipse as it was happening. We got home just in time for MacKenzie to run in and get her telescope and some binoculars to witness even more of the eclipse. She and her dad came inside to get hats and mitts and even wrapped up in blankets and headed back outside in -12 C weather to watch God showing off!

God is sooooo good to me!


Holly said...

God is good to you...because you are his favorite! What a mystery, that He loves ALL of us so passionately!

Rhonda said...

Oh, what a wonderful day!! I'm so happy for you.

It's so good to see the 'special' in our lives and to thank God for his 'gifts to us'.

Bless you Vicki!

Roxanne said...

You are wise to 'see' the blessings in your life.

Tammy said...

Sounds so awesome!!! God is good....YOur cooking sounds like I need to come and ejoy some of that.
Love ya...blessings to you!!!