Monday, February 26, 2007


A lot of people seem to think that intelligence is a score you get from taking tests at school. However, tests only cover little bits of your vast and complex nervous system.

Some people are quick learners. Others have great memories. Some are real good at getting answers to math problems - so long as they're not geometry.

Some people are socially smart. They can wrap anybody around their little finger, while other people are always stepping on somebody's toes.

Some people have perfect pitch. There are the mechanical geniuses who can fix anything with a screwdriver and some bubble gum.

Some people write wonderfully creative stories, and still flunk English because they have bad memories when it comes to remembering spelling and commas.

Some people have extraordinary coordination and can perform fantastic gymnastic feats. There are some who have a hard time learning to type.

Some people have great intuition, or a foolproof sense of direction, or unbreakable concentration.

The next time they pass out tests at school, ignore that sinking feeling in your stomach. Remember, you are getting tested on certain abilities - but there are a whole lot of ways to be smart.

Taken from: Blood and Guts by Linda Allison


Rhonda said...

This needs to be read in the classroom ahead of exam time. You would be amazed at the change in the atmosphere during exam time in the school. The students truly are effected by the stress of it all.

Great find!!!

Love, Rhonda

Holly said...

This touched my heart. I am going to read this to my kid's later today.
Thanks for sharing it.