Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Performance or Ministry

My hubby's thoughts ...

"When Savannah our youngest daughter was 6 she did something that I will never forget. She went out one summer day and got a couple of my speaker stands, cables, microphone and a couple of empty boxes. She put the empty boxes on the top of the speaker stands, hooked up the cords to them and set up her microphone. She placed some chairs on the ground because she was set up on the deck. She plugged in her CD player and put on some music (can't remember who) and then invited me and my wife to come enjoy the show. For the next few songs we sat outside in the summer heat and watched Savannah (cowboy hat and all) sing and dance all over our deck. The joy that I felt as a father as I watched my child perform for me was outstanding! Now others who may have walked by or drove by on the street may have laughed or thought that it was so amatuer and immature, but to me, I was lost in her performance (show). In fact to this day I still have pictures in my scrapbook right next to pictures of different friends of mine from the Gaither Gospel Series and awards and such to remind me of that day. The funny thing is, the picture of Savannah means more to me than all of the awards and the so called fame that I have received so far. The reason why is because she loved me so much that she performed or put on a show for me. In my concerts I take people on a musical journey, but I perform for only one and that is my Heavenly Father. I think that He has a picture in His scrapbook of all of us from concerts and it is there because He knows just how much we all love Him."


Brandy said...

what a adorable picture!!!! I can tell that both of you love your girls more than anything. I can't wait to make those memories with Abigail!!!

Rhonda said...


That is a beautiful description of the Father's Love. It would be overwhelming to see God's scrapbook.

Your love for your girls (all three of them) is very evident. You are one proud papa!!! Thanks for sharing.

Love you,


Shari said...

As I was reading this post, the title of a worship CD from Toronto Christian Airport came to mind - "Audience of One"'s all about Him and it's all for Him.

Andrew - you have many talents, including writing!


Amy said...

Thank you.

Savannah said...