Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Turkey Dinner

My husband and I have been blessed in many ways over the years with people giving to us. God always knows exactly the time and He has directed folks to meet our needs in all kinds of ways. Well, about a month ago, a distant relative of my husbands showed up on my doorstep and told me she was grocery shopping and she felt led to buy us a turkey. I thanked her and thought to myself, "I don't know how to cook a turkey!" I put that thing in the freezer and left it there. The only freezer we have is the fridge top one and the turkey was taking up about 1/6 of the room in it! I'd see stuff on sale at the grocery store and want to stock up, but I didn't have room in my freezer! So, this week I thawed that thing, called my mom and found out how to cook it. I had opted to not make dressing, but my husband said he had watched his gramma lots of times, so he tried his hand at making it. By suppertime we had a nice, juicy turkey, delicious dressing, sweet potatoes, veggies, yummy gravy and even cranberries! My husband and I 'high fived' each other and commented that you COULD teach old dogs new tricks!

BUT ... now I know why turkeys are cooked for family get togethers! There was certainly enough turkey for an army!! Now, gotta figure out what to do with all the leftovers!


Sombra said...

cold turkey sandwiches with cold cranberry sauce... yum

make a salad and cube up some turkey bits and add those to the salad.

make a creamy mushroom sauce and reheat the turkey meat, and pretend the turkey is chicken with mushroom sauce.

get sick of it and feed it to the cats.

Mona said...

Turkey soup is what is made in our house.
The secret ingredient in making this wonderful soup taste so good is called Steve.
You didn't think I actually had a recipe did you!

Amy said...


sandwiches OFCOURSE!!!
Soup! YUMMY!
stir fry
chili-turkey style!!
hot turkey sandwiches-YUMO!
pasta with sundried tomato guessed it...turkey!
I'm getting hungry JUST thinking about it..

Vicki said...

Guess what??? Someone read my blog and called to say they have a stand up freezer we can have if we just come and get it!!! Yahoo!!!

Shaun and Holly said...

That is great about the freezer! Ahh....Don't you love BLOGGING?!!!

Rhonda said...

Mmmm. Good for you! Must have been fun cooking together.

We did our first turkey together. I think we got instructions of the Canadian Living or Kraft or Martha Stewart site.

I love hearing about blessings.

Mona said...

Wow That's amazing Vickie

Roxanne said...

turkey a la king

Linda said...

My favorite is turkey on thoroughly buttered toast. It's a great sandwich.

Cathy said...

I have a great recipe for a casserole that uses up leftover turkey and dressing. It melts in your mouth! Let me know if you'd like it.

Sombra said...

a blog post you'll like