Friday, September 14, 2007

Where did Summer go?

Wow! I can't believe how fast summer came and went! It's true that "time flies when you're having fun!"

In July, we flew to Alberta and took part in a couple really fabulous events. The Canadian Gospel Music Celebration happens every year in Red Deer, AB and it is always a joy to get together with so many other people who do exactly what we do. We connected with some old friends, made some new friends, and poured into the lives of some friends who have been hurting.

The next weekend we had the opportunity to be at the Sandy Creek Gospel Jamboree and what a pleasure that was! Again ... new friends, old friends and the opportunity to watch my hubby in action. This event was outside and it was about 37 C the entire weekend! All the "performers" stayed at Briercrest College, which are great accomodations, except they are not air-conditioned! We managed to get a little fan for our room that sounded like a Cessna plane getting ready to take off. Don't ask the Beene family why they had one less fan in their room and we had one extra!

Of course, we also did concerts in several churches as well. It is always a thrill to sit back and watch my hubby take people on a journey. He really can make people laugh, make them cry and he is always sensitive to God's leading and is able to say the right thing at the right time to make a difference in somone's life. What a joy! He has also added some new songs to his repetoire this summer and people are LOVING them!

Back at home, we took a couple days of "family" vacation. We drove to Niagara Falls and met my hubby's parents and his sister and her hubby and kids. On the way there I chuckled to myself as I looked around our car ... Andrew was listening to a podcast on his new iPod, Savannah was watching a movie on her portable DVD player, MacKenzie was listening to her MP3 player while playing her Gameboy and I was reading a book. Interesting way to take a "family" vacation, but at least we were all in the same place! We enjoyed a couple days of swimming, campfires, shopping and a bit of sightseeing.

The last few weeks we've been home getting our office in order after having both computers crash!! uuggh! Andrew has been busy on the phone and making arrangements for our fall tour dates. We're got some great new additions to our team, some great new opportunities and some great new ideas! It's been exciting to watch as God has put this all together and it will continue to be exciting to watch where He's going to take us with it all!

The girls and I have been concentrating on schoolwork and I have to admit that I LOVE it when our house has a smooth running routine. Both girls are diligent workers and I really do love spending time with them. I'm so thankful that God put it in our heart to homeschool and then gave us the abilities, tools and schedule to do so.

Just a bit of an update .....


Roxanne said...

Thanks for the update. Keep on writing!

Rhonda said...

It's so nice to get updates and feel apart of our friends' lives. Thank you.