Thursday, April 05, 2007

Testimony Recorded

While we've been able to travel and share Andrew's testimony from coast to coast, it has always been a dream of ours to have the testimony recorded so that it can go where we cannot. This past Sunday saw that dream become a reality. The power of God was so strong and following the testimony we had the opportunity to pray with several folks!

Andrew has the most phenomenal friends on his worship team and they all were so supportive. It really gave him strength to be honest in front of our home church.

We had a chance to listen to the first copy today and it was just as powerful today as it was on Sunday morning! I'm always amazed at how the anointing can be transferred via CD!! How does God do that??

I'm just believing that so many people are going to be encouraged, given hope and SET FREE from this!


Holly said...

Andrew (and family),
Shaun and I thought that you did an amazing job giving your testamony and were so pleased to see how many people responded and got ministry!! It is time for people to walk away from the shame that comes from mental about it, etc...and walk into God's healing. I will tell my sister about this as she suffers from Depression. (Better yet, I will buy her the CD!)
We are proud of you...great job!
Holly and Shaun

Amy said...

I was beaming when Andrew was talking. I'm not sure a mother hen.
It was amazing..and I'm SO glad that you got to record it and now have it to send out into the world. Bless you for being obedient.

Anonymous said...

So happy that God was able to pour Himself out though you once again.
Would love to hear the testimony.

You've come so far! There are huge things in store for the Martin's!!

We believe in you.